Friday, December 30, 2011

Ich bin ein Hamburger

So today I am in Hamburg. The city of fish, strippers and Emma (hopefully not all at once though...) Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the harbour as well as a few other things to celebrate New Years, but more of that another time.

Em is currently sleeping next to me, seems she had a late night last night and bedtime is at 7pm in her household. I'm actually debating taking a page out of her book and having a nana nap too after the horror journey I endured to get here today, but it's really cold - and I don't think she wants to spoon...

Germans like to travel, no one would doubt that considering that even in Australia we have german speaking tour guides to cater to the truckloads of Germs that visit our shores each year, the only thing is that Germans don't seem to like travelling within their own country, as proven by the exorbitant amount I had to pay to catch a five hour train to Hamburg that went everywhere else first. Seriously, it went to Frankfurt, Munich, Kassel - you name it, I passed through it. However it's not just the ridiculous prices of the DB (German Metlink) you have to contend with but the german love of reserving seats too. It costs 4€ to reserve a seat here in GermLand and it's a price you have to pay if you don't want to hear " *clearing throat* Ummm that's MY seat" every time you move into what anyone else would call a spare seat (best not to ask if their name is on kinda is) I however, being an Aussie and having grown up with reservations only being made by calling out 'DIBS ON THAT!' or 'SHOTGUN!!!' before your peers did, did not recognise the necessity to pre-book a seat and was left sitting in that little room where people get on the train before entering a carriage either side. And let me tell you - there were no seats and no heating for five and a half hours and I had to stand up and move awkwardly to the side every time the train stopped to let more people board, only to see them walk to off to find their reserved seats - hating.

...but at least I have my 4€ right???

Hope all is well.

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