Saturday, April 3, 2010


Oh how wonderful it is to wake up to a morning filled with happiness in the form of Turkish Delight eggs.

Admittedly it was more like the afternoon by the time I bothered to get up and yet I am sure that those 13 hours of sleep I managed were not enough to beautify myself. It was an early start for me today. The German was up at 8 due to her need to play Animal Crossing on the DSi, it's an addiction we are adding to...soon she will have a DS of her own and I was forced out of bed before lunch was finished because my mum felt I was being ungrateful for the Easter Bunny's efforts.
Ok so in our house we have long given up on the magic of the Easter Bunny, my Mum taught me from a young age that it is not a rabbit but in fact a cat. Therefore we have Bubba: The Easter Pussy. Now you see we have two cats - Sophie (MoleCat) and Finlay (Bubba). We would get MoleCat to deliver the eggs but seeing as she is nearing psychosis, it is hard to say the eggs would make it. So we give that duty to the fat cat who hates everyone and everything except for food and my Mum. Wouldn't sound recommended but we are missing the rabbit in our house because MoleCat no doubt killed it so Bubba's all we have.

So every year Bubba rolls off the bed, puts on his smiley face and delivers our eggs freshly chewed and peed on. He is rather a spiteful cat. Then we wake up excitedly, eat the eggs (or give them to unexpecting guests....) and then head for christmas where he does his elf pussy duty.

Yes I realise Elf Pussy doesn't sound so pretty......Santa likes it?!?
Ok well that's my Easter for you. I'm going to go eat turkish delight now, (because Bubba doesn't really pee on everything....I hope)

Hope all is well.

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