Monday, April 5, 2010

The German, The Maths and The Ugly.

The German is still asleep, or playing the DSi religiously. It's hard to say as she never separates with it. Not that it's a bad thing, she's scoring me points on pokemon!

Anyway so Laura and I have had a few petty arguments. I tried to tell her that in Australia, we shorten everything and add a "Z" to most names. So Laura became Loz, she wasn't a fan. However I determination has prevailed and....she still doesn't like it. I've found she much prefers "The German" to anything else so that's what has stuck. I also tried to shorten her language to suit my own needs. Such as "Ich bin" being changed to "Bich" and whatever the word for awesome (something long and complex no-doubt) has changed to "Bich awesome"....She's not so sold on the idea, but I will win her over! I will. She told me this morning Germans just drop the "Ich." However I think it is necessary for me to take her language into my own hands, and damage it just a little....So "Bich" it is!

My Maths teacher hates us. He has single-handedly (not a word but I'll run with it!) destroyed my holidays with some ridiculous notion of "Holiday Homework." We have been given a project on quadratics where we have to draw our face onto a calculator....using graphs. So I have payed Boy to do it and I feel all is well. Our mathemagician teacher sees it as a learning opportunity and I feel that Boy could do with some education, therefore he can practice twice as much. Ah, Life's good.

We probably don't need to start in on the ugly.....I got up this morning looking like a bridge-troll. Little improvement might I say. My hair is still touching the ceiling and I could swear my eyes weren't that shade of red yesterday. No more late nights? I think so.

Oh....the German has arisen from it's slumber/DSi coma......."Bich aus."

Hope all is well.

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