Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So like, do you come here often?

So I'm totally in love with Rachel right now as she is about to make my German Very happy. Not in any weird inappropriate way but in the way which will give the German something to do whilst I go shopping with Andrew for a Birthday present that he has neglected to give me despite my birthday being nearly a month ago. (Long enough sentence for you?)

So I'm back to school now. Reliving my hatred of the German class and Literature. It seems that over the holidays I decided that neither class was "That Bad." They are. They really are.

I've been feverishly attempting to complete my maths project which is a bunch of graphs that are supposed to resemble me and yet don't. Probably the part where they are A BUNCH OF LINES prevents them from being overly effective. So ow I need to do a write-up about my project that was realistically a matter of trial and error and little to do with any mathematical equations or logic of any sort. Pity, time to make stuff up I guess!

Well I should go to bed now, you know with school tomorrow and all. Shame, I was enjoying getting up at 1pm, I found it relaxing and great for my future of becoming a just to gain wings and a thirst for blood...

Hope all is well.

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