Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Glee Kids

The German loves Glee. I'm not feeling the love and yet I can now quote it. I think that if I hear "Don't stop believing" again, I may go postal. It's not Murder if they deserved it.

I just don't understand the love. Yes I thought it was cute and funny the FIRST time through. We're up to the fourth run through now though and any cuteness/funniness HAS BEEN LONG GONE. Oh yes, when we are not hearing the show being played in the Lounge - The soundtrack is playing from the computer or being hummed by the German. I may be a bad person for this but I feel that a bunch of social rejects is funny. Yes, funny, however watching these social rejects mature and sing a bunch of increasingly annoying songs is not funny. IT IS GOD DAMN ANNOYING.

Why? Why do I deserve this? We've shown her America's Top Model, The Biggest Loser and several other equally entertaining and less infuriating TV shows and yet the sick love for Glee remains. I may have to trash the disc. "Don't stop believing......." ARRRGGGGHHH I'VE STOPPED OK? STOPPED LONG AGO!

Going postal is my only option. So it's time for me to smash the disc, ban YouTube and any other sites that may play the songs and rip out any vocal chords willing to risk making any sound resembling anything from Glee.......God damn Glee.

Hope all is well.

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