Monday, January 24, 2011

The End is Nigh.

So now the mild depression kicks in. I don't want to go home. I want to stay here, where I can teach the Germans bad words and give them an incorrect definition so they use it more often than is really necessary....or appropriate. I want to stay here where it is so cold that by the end of the day I can't feel my hands and where my semi-water proof shoes are constantly overcome by puddles of half melted snow. I don't want to go back to Melbourne, where the weatherman is officially the most pointless job and it'll be so hot that the only options will be to wear short shorts or mini skirts specifically designed to show off my ultra-attractive stumpy legs...

No, I'm happy here. Not that I'm not happy in Aus....but I'm happier here. Without a doubt. No school...that I have to pay attention to. No work. No set plans. It's great.

On the bright side my german will officially cane (be much better than) my classmates (except Shannon) and I will see my family when I get back and I am looking forward to that.

Enough whining:

On the weekend we had my going away party. It consisted of Rene staring puppy-eyed at Annika, the boys wanting to go to the playground and trying to out-do eachother doing backflips, jumping off the roof of a shed and other dangerous-but thoroughly entertaining stunts and then later everyone sitting around and listened to the girls read, whilst Niko acted out his Mills+Boon story (by that I mean porn....a porn novel) that he had on his iPod, luckily after all the words Zak taught me on the Berlin trip I could follow it, maybe that's not lucky though....

Later the boys invited us out after my party, but considering Ralf etc. got me in trouble the night before, I politely declined.

The night before:
Boys: Come over, we'll be at home all night
Hans and Sonja: Ok, but don't stay out too late.
Later that night:
Boys: Oh we're going to Burger King, come with?
Giorgia: Hmmm.....maybe I should just go home?
Boys: Naahhhh come on, won't be too long.
*No buses running to get me back home, none of the boys have a mobile with them, have to message Laura over facebook "I'll be late...boys = retarded" *
Giorgia: Sorry I'm late, the buses were not running so.....
*Cops death stare from Hans (he was not impressed)*
*Runs away*´

Yeah so it was a pretty great final weekend, I'm sad to go but...well my family (blood relatives that live in Munich) came and saw me, we had a great day in N├╝rnberg and they gave me A THOMAS SABO BRACELET.....oh yes, favourite cousins? I think so....I guess it's a good end to my trip and I still have three days left.

Hope all is well.

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