Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Official.

So today I became a Germ. Well, kind of - I went to Rathaus to register myself as a permanent resident which means my home is now in Stuttgart. Guess I'll be chillin' here a bit longer than expected, sorry Krys and Sim (did you like your subtle mention there girlies???)

I've recently been working out how to get into German uni. There's a few ways actually, and none are very appealing in the 'just sign up and go' sense. Instead I have to resit a few exams to prove I can speak more than four words of German (actually need to be pretty much flawless which is somewhat...unfortunate) or I could just pussy out and study in english - or spanish strangely enough. However considering that my spanish is a little rusty and I've spoken english for a couple of years now, I figure a change wouldn't be such a bad idea. So bring it on I guess...I have three months before I have to sit an exam that tells the examiners whether I am capable of studying in German or not. I guess if I fail (which I won't) I can just study the first semester in english, resit the exam and go from there, but I'd prefer to get it right in the first place. 

So from now on my blog will be written entirely in german.

Just kidding.

None the less though, my need to learn has spurred me to hunt down friends and I'm meeting a couple of girls my age on Saturday (wish me luck). It should be interesting considering they've chosen to take me ice skating of all things. I am good at all things (ok maybe not) however my skills in dance, juggling and ice skating are limited, so in the interests of maintaining my dignity I would have preferred coffee and a movie... but best not to be too picky and I'm looking forward to meeting them, although kinda praying they don't speak Schwaebisch (the local dialect)  because frankly it's a language entirely of it's own and I have to admit that if it reaches that point, then my sign language has gotten a little rusty too...

Anyways imma sleep now, Bubba has taken to assaulting me early in the morning by pouncing on my chest and licking my nose so I haven't been sleeping well lately - lucky he's a cat or his behaviour could be rather questionable....

Hope all is well.

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